luisa marshall as tina turner

Tina Turner look-a-like Luisa Marshall pays tribute to the legendary diva Tina Turner in her awesome Tina Turner look a like show: Simple The Best- A Tribute to the Queen of Rock n Roll. She performed on Oprah with Tina Turner and Cher being guests during “Oprah’s Biggest Show Ever” held at Caesar’s Palace. Luisa was also asked to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November of 2015 and danced alongside the popular host to Proud Mary.

Luisa Marshall as Tina Turner is a world class Tina Turner Tribute Show that makes her audience experience the legendary diva in her. Her monstrous personality is larger than life. Luisa Marshall's uncanny resemblance to Tina Turner has heads turning heads were ever she goes. Luisa Marshall as Tina Turner is an experience that makes this tribute to Tina Turner the most successful, the most fun, the most energetic, and the most entertaining.


"Look at you! You look exactly like Tina Turner...
You look amazing."
Paul Schaeffer, Musical Director/The Late Show with David Letterman

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