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Lumadrome, LED Light Troupe

Lumadrome is a signature show created by NZR Productions, an International Circus/Theatre company. NZR has over 20 years of experience and has had performances all over the world ranging from Olympic events, Circus shows and large scale vignettes at fairs/festivals…NZR Productions features stellar performers including Cirque Du Soleil Alumni, Theatre Actors and even Opera singers!  In addition to Lumadrome NZR also produces The Big Topp Show featuring circus and Cirque performers.

Artistic Director for NZR Productions is Neezar Joseph. He started performing at the age of 6 in numerous school and church plays. At 16 he began as a singer/front-man with various rock bands in the Edmonton music scene. In 1994 Neezar relocated to Vancouver, Canada and sang with a variety of touring acts. In 1997 Neezar joined the circus, touring and performing with Public Dreams, eventually performing in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Since then Neezar has been producing world class circus, specialty acts and stage shows throughout Canada.

NZR has performed at numerous high-profile events including:

• NYE Vancouver at Canada Place
• Squamish Valley Music Festival
• Lunarfest
• Lululemon’s Seawheeze

• Diner En Blanc, Vancouver
• K Days, Edmonton
• Newport Village Summer Fest
• Plus numerous corporate and special events

Featured Act LED BOTS

LED Robots are a spectacle not to be missed! Created by NZR Productions these state of the art strolling futuristic robots WILL light up your party. These amazing robotic figures feature high intensity LED lights and optional Co2 guns. BoomBot, Vultron and RC-7 are great for photo ops and videos.

LED Robots Vancouver
Vancouver LED Angel Wings

LED Angel Wings

LED Angel Wings have become a popular addition to events and festivals in recent years. These wings are made up of multiple LED lights, creating a stunning visual effect when worn by performers or attendees. They are often customizable, allowing for various color and pattern options to fit the theme of the event.

Vancouver LEd Cane Acrobat

LED Cane Acrobat

LED cane acrobats are an electrifying and dynamic addition to any event. These performers use lighted canes to create stunning displays of movement and agility, incorporating flips, spins, and acrobatics into their routines.

Vancouver LED Cube

LED Cube

An LED Cube is a captivating and versatile lighting display that can enhance the ambiance of any event. With its dynamic colors and patterns, the LED Cube can create a stunning visual spectacle that captures the attention of audiences.

Vancouver LEd Cyr/Wheel

LED Cyr/Wheel

The LED Cyr/Wheel is a spectacular prop that adds a unique and captivating element to any event. These giant metal wheels are often used in acrobatic performances, but they are also becoming popular in corporate events, music festivals, and product launches.

Vancouver LED Firne Flies/Whips

LED Fibre Flies

LED Fibre Flies are a dazzling and mesmerizing addition to any event. These whip-like props consist of a flexible fiber optic cord that is illuminated by programmable LED lights, creating a captivating display of light and movement.

Event Entertainment Photography at the Parq Marriott Vancouver. Event by Rare Indigo, Event photography by Scott Brammer Photography.

LED Hoops

LED Hoop is a mesmerizing and visually stunning performance art that is a popular choice for events. Performers use LED hula hoops that are illuminated with programmable LED lights to create a dazzling display of color and movement.

Vancouver LED Juggling Clubs

LED Juggling Clubs

LED Juggling Clubs are a dynamic and entertaining addition to any event. These props consist of juggling clubs that are illuminated with programmable LED lights, creating a dazzling display of color and movement.

Vancouver Mirrored Marvels costume

Mirrored Marvels

Mirrored Marvels costumed characters are an innovative and exciting addition to any event. These performers wear costumes that are covered in reflective surfaces, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that captivates and entertains audiences.

Vancouver LED Poi Sticks


LED Poi is a type of performance art that involves manipulating illuminated balls on strings. The LED lights in the balls create a mesmerizing visual effect when the Poi is twirled around, making it a popular addition to events such as festivals, parties, and concerts.

Circus of Tommorrow

“Lumadrome was a beautiful addition to our NYE celebrations!”

– Resort Municipality of Whistler


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