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Interactive Comedic Characters


Comedic Actors WILL Animate Your Event!

Interactive characters stroll and mingle, break the ice, create fun and give people something to talk about…not to mention the photo opportunities. By tailoring costumes and personalities TENBC can come up with the perfect character for your party….perhaps a fumbling duo of Marine Biologist for your event at the Vancouver Aquarium or have a team of Wacky Scientists at Science World. Add comedic characters to your party……and get the camera ready!

Comedic Characters
Create Laughter

TENBC partners with Vancouver’s TOP comedic actors who specialize in interactive comedic roving characters featuring experienced performers in theatrical calibre costumes. The troupe thrives due to their passion for new ideas, commitment to perfection and years of experience. Our experienced character actors are experts at breaking the ice, enhancing event themes and boosting the engagement of attendees.

Vancouver Comedic Fop Characters

17th Century Fops

Meet the Marquis Fip & Fop Du Maupassant, the twin dandies of the French aristocracy. They’ve been miraculously transported here (at amazing expense) through the centuries. They are sincerely scandalized at how dreary fashion has become. You can’t even find a gentleman in lace, much less a suitable wig and proper heels. And where is their makeup? How brutish! This hilarious, surreal comedy duo will add vibrant colour to your event.

Vancouver Comedic Aviator Characters

The Aviators

Bring the vintage aviators to your venue. Aviators greet and mingle, adding excitement, occasion, and photo-ops to the event. The aviators — Flight Commander Winston Binks and Wing Leader Nigel Bigglesworth — banter with the guests, pose for photos, and host a hilarious trivia game show on the subject of flight and aircraft.

Vancouver Comedic Cirque Characters

Cirque de So Lame

Bring the magic of the circus bigtop to your event with Cirque de So-Lame. Barnum O’Baily is everything you want in a classic, old-world circus ringleader…..a tall, imposing showman with electric charisma.

The mysterious Zoltar The Fortune Teller will tell you about your past and grant your wishes. This hilarious comic character reads palms but his real magic is bringing groups of people together with laughter. The troupe also features the Sensational Salami Brothers!

Vancouver Comedic Downtown Abbey Characters

Downtown Abbey

Unbelievable! Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, has uprooted his entire household: family, servants and all, to the new manor…in downtown Vancouver – and what a coincidence! It’s the same venue that you’re having your event at! You will be hosted with traditional British aristocratic grace, with pleasantries and small talk. As the evening progresses, your guests will be drawn into a world inspired by the hit TV series, Downton Abbey.

NZR Eevnt Police

The Event Police

The boys in blue meet guests at the door for gag “security checks”, screening for whatever hilarious criteria the event organizer wants us to screen for. What a great opportunity to reinforce branding or conference theme. The Event Police will circulate creating a fun atmosphere, training select guests on our advanced security techniques and encouraging guests to participate in “Arrests by Request”…that’s right! Any guest can point a finger at a colleague to be “arrested”, as long as they can come up something fun to charge him/her with.

Vancouver Comeidc James Bond Characters

James Bond

Inspired by the golden age of Bond movies, our Bond character is screen-accurate with his own replica Walther PPK. Bond will mingle with your guests, bringing them into his world of espionage and double agents. He’ll “recognize” some of your guests as Spectre agents or other spies sent from MI6. Add a few Bond Girls to the fun or throw in a KGB assassin for DRAMA!

Vancouver Comedic Paparazzi Characters


Access Hollywood style reporters will make your guests feel like celebrities! This entertainment feature is slick, polished and loads of fun. Or consider edgy, hard hitting tabloid media/ TMZ Paparazzi. Our actors are truly the best in the biz at making your guests feel like stars and getting the laughs started.

Vancouver Comedic retro paparazzi Characters

Retro Paparazzi

Vintage Paparazzi give guests an exciting and glamorous red carpet welcome. The reporters and camera crew wear high-quality, historically-accurate costumes with vintage cameras retro-fitted with LED flash bulbs to make a fantastic first impression, adding to the high-quality professional feel of this dynamic and unique welcome.

Vancouver Comedic Pirate Characters


Imagine the injection of energy, excitement and laughs into your event when your guests are greeted by loveable, side-splittingly interactive buccaneers. Add as many male and female crew as you want for a real pirate invasion! Photo ops, rapid-fire one-liners, hilarious sword-fighting lessons and other tests to see if the new arrivals are worthy to be pirate crew aboard the Black Hurl!

Vancouver Comedic Roaring 20s Characters

Roaring 20s

Inspired by Boardwalk Empire, these roving characters will transform your venue into a 1920’s speakeasy, where the mob ruled, and night clubs were ready for an FBI raid at any moment! Your guests will be greeted by “the club’s” hostess and told the rules of the speakeasy. No fighting, no heaters, no hooch from outside…and if the coppers pay a visit, drinks go UNDER THE TABLE!

Vancouver Comedic Science Fiction Characters

Science Fiction

Nothing would be a bigger surprise at your conference than a “keynote speech” from Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith! Vader takes the stage, flanked with 2 film-accurate storm troopers, and delivers a speech about crushing your enemies without mercy. When your CEO takes the stage, a hilarious light saber battle takes place between them. Great for strolling photo-ops as well (as seen here with Weird Al Yankovic) !

Vancouver Comeidc Sommelier Character

Comedic Sommelier

Our sommelier, the “Master Winer”, is tailor-made for upscale wine/cocktail receptions. “World-famous” wine expert Sir Michael Eversly is ready to mingle with your guests, name-drop and talk about his best-selling wine books: The Grapes of Wrath and its sequel, Heard It Through the Grape Vine.

“Everyone loved the characters and had LAUGHS! It was a great way to start the week.

Nicole Vurchio, Viacom


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