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Canadian Characters


Iconic Comedic Canadian Characters WILL Provide a True North Experience

Interactive characters stroll and mingle, break the ice, create fun and give people something to talk about…not to mention the photo opportunities. By tailoring costumes and personalities TENBC can come up with the perfect character for your party….perhaps a pair of Park Rangers for your event at Stanley Park or Duh Hockey Guys up in Whistler or an amazing First Nations inspired raven on Grouse Mountain. Add Canadian Characters to your party……and get the camera ready!

Comedic Characters
Create Laughter

TENBC partners with Vancouver’s TOP comedic actors who  specialize in interactive comedic roving characters featuring experienced performers in theatrical calibre costumes. The troupe thrives due to their passion for new ideas, commitment to perfection and years of experience. Our experienced character actors  are experts at breaking the ice, enhancing event themes and boosting the engagement of attendees.

Canadian Characters Vancouver
Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

B.C. Park Rangers

Ranger Rick and Deep Forest Dan keep an ever watchful eye on the great forests of British Columbia -but they’re taking the evening off to meet your guests. These two classic forest rangers are perfect to represent the wilderness of BC with humour, energy and fantastic photo ops. The comedy team will circulate, sharing hilarious wilderness survival lessons, zany stories of life in the woods and challenge your guests with their BC Nature Trivia Challenge -with fun prizes.

So start the camp fire and fill up your mug, it’s time to get the forest party started!

Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

Cpt. Vancouver & Saltspring

If you’re already in Vancouver, the Captain should be part of the festivities, shouldn’t he? Captain George Vancouver brought his ship around the Cape of Good Hope, and all the way up the Pacific Coast past California (stopping at Disneyland before his crew mutinied) and on to the Straights of Juan De Fuca. Capt. George Vancouver is accompanied by his first mate Saltspring.

Dazzled by the beauty of the land -the mountains….the emerald green of the Starbucks signs Captain George & Saltspring will mingle with your guests, make them laugh at his wonderful, if slightly eccentric stories of their nautical adventures and current real estate investments in Kitsilano.

Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

Frances Anne Hopkins, Explorer

Meet a true female Canadian hero! 150 years ago, Frances Anne Hopkins explored the great rivers of Canada by canoe -and captured the pristine beauty in her famous paintings. She had married a Hudson’s Bay official whose work took them both throughout Canada. She was a strong woman with an adventurous spirit who is known today through her Canadian artwork.

This Canadian icon has been transported through time to meet your guests and share her amazing adventures. She loves all the wonderful technology of the 21st century and absolutely enjoys photo ops and friendly laughs. Francis Anne Hopkins truly is a unique character whose spirit defines Canada!

Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

The Lumberjack

Rusty Pines’ infectious humour and tall tales of life in the forests are perfect to welcome guest to Canada’s West Coast. Rusty has been among the trees so long that he can’t bare cutting them down. He’s full of wit and one-liners….and thinking of a new career path as a tree-planter. Rusty doesn’t get out of the woods too often and will be asking your guests all sorts of questions about city life.

Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

Comedic Mountie Characters

When you have international guests visiting Canada, having them greeted by two of Canada’s iconic Mounties gives the event a great Canadian look. But that is just the tip of the ice-berg! Nothing can kick off the event better than the Mountie characters from Mounties 101. These comedic Mounties are played by veteran improv comedians with long lists of credits and client testimonies behind them.

Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

The Ski Patrol

Since the 2010 Olympic Winter Games what could possibly define the Canadian west coast more perfectly than skiing and snowboarding? THAT’S why veteran ski patrol leader Freddy Freerider & his young assistant Jake Jibber keep getting invited to events!

The hilarious Ski Patrol make their rounds with their first aid kits checking pulses and wrapping up their favourite guests in swathes of tensor bandages. They’ll even give ’em indoor ski lessons. Nothing is better than the Ski Patrol to break the ice!

Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

Train Conductors

The Vintage Train Conductors break the ice and engage your guests at any event. Ideal for train station venues such as the West Coast Railway Heritage Park or Rocky Mountaineer Station, these dynamic characters greet guests as they arrive, establishing an exciting atmosphere before guests even set foot into the event.

When the arrivals subside, the Train Conductors rove your event, facilitating interaction, lightening the mood and enhancing the style of the unique venue.

Canadian Characters Vancouver Events

Wild West Characters

Gunslingers, Texas Rangers, Confederate Army soldiers and saloon girls are a fantastic way to add the old West to your event. Get drawn into the rivalry between The Earp brothers and their outlaw enemies Billy Clanton & Tom McLaury as the showdown at the O.K. Corral gets closer and closer. Your guests can mix and mingle with the heroes & bad guys and the lovely saloon girls who are fed up with both sides. This roving entertainment product includes actual gunfight with authentic six-shooters and film-quality blanks

Paintertainment Canadian Models

Cary Campbell and Paulo Lopes make up Paintertainment, an incredibly talented artistic duo who have traveled the world, impressing audiences everywhere from China to Lisbon. Paintertainment has designed a wide selection of Canadian Themed costumes creating wonderful unique characters perfect for any Welcome to Canada event.

Canadian Themed Stilt Walkers

Spectacular and wonderfully visual, stilt walkers provide the ‘wow’ factor for any event. Always larger than life, stilt walkers add an extra dimension to your event….HEIGHT! Our stilt walkers come in a wide range Canadian Themed attire from formal to fun to create the best possible entertaining atmosphere for all events.

“Everyone loved the characters and had LAUGHS! It was a great way to start the week.

Nicole Vurchio, Viacom


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