the young executives

the young executives

The Young Executives specialize in throwing highly entertaining dance parties that will keep everyone moving the whole night. If you need to create an unforgettable party, The Young Executives are your best option. With their huge repertoire of rock, dance, and country songs spanning over six decades of music, The Young Executives play everyone's favourite songs.


The Young Executives are a young, trendy, classy band perfect for crowds of all ages. This band is anything but your typical cover group. Every detail of The Young Executives has been carefully planned to execute an unprecedented experience. From the set lists - custom crafted for each event, to the meticulously planned attire The Young Executives are built to impress on every level.

Having both male and female singers, The Young Executives cover a whole array of songs and genres. A typical set would include songs from classic singers such as Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, to modern groups and artists like Kings of Leon, The Killers and Lady GaGa.

This talented band features two of the best singers in Canada. Both the male and female lead vocalists were flown to Toronto in 2008 to compete in the finals of Canadian Idol.
The youth, energy and talent of The Young Executives make them truly unique. A new breed of party band has at long last arrived!

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