watasun,vocal/guitar & percussion

watasun, vocal/guitar & percussion

Adam Bailie and Reid Hendry try to keep it fresh after years of playing music together. The music is described as funky, folky, beach music. Watasun perform shows and events that cater to anyone looking for an upbeat and positive attitude. A community is built when these two highly talented rhythmic artists hit the stage. People feel free to sing and dance to the energies that Watasun create with the crowd.

Adam Bailie and Reid Hendry of Watasun are known for being genuine and true to the organics of art seem to bring out the best in their live performances

The name Watasun represents community and culture. It comes from “Water” and “Sun”, two elements that work off each other to give life. The energy and sound that comes from this compact, yet charming, setup is remarkable and memorable to all those watching the performance.

This duo creates a fusion of pop music using any genre they can to express themselves in an upbeat and positive fashion. They have become the official sound of Vancouver Tourism with their song, ‘It’s You’ as the theme song for their new marketing campaign. Adam and Reid continue performing their own brand of folk, celebrating a wide range of music and interacting with people of all ages. The duo is best known for their ability to work with their audience to nurture a positive and memorable experience for all.

“Their music is outstanding – tuneful, energetic, rhythmic... and presented with enthusiasm and a great sense of showmanship. Very professional. I would highly recommend these two for any occasion and any setting.”
Mike Hill, Artistic Director
MariposaFolk Festival

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