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vintage hollywood screen tests

Vintage Screen Tests are designed to let your guests become 1920 Hollywood stars! The successful creative formula and approach is the result of years of experience drawing guests into a whimsical, low-stakes environment. The result? Huge laughs from the participants and colleages watching the action.

Vivian Leigh will help your guests choose their audition script, get their costume accessories on and find their mark. After Vivian calls “PLACES” and slates the scene, Director Cecil B. DeMille will adjust his vintage movie camera, pick up his trusty bullhorn and take guests through a hilarious series of directions, working with each guest to bring out their inner silver-screen movie star until he gets what he wants.

As an added option, a real videographer can film the screen tests and hand each guest a flash drive with their screen test, interaction with the characters and their “bloopers”. The look and feel of this feature is absolutely authentic – and the experience is absolutely one in a million.

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