the underground circus

For over 2 decades, The Underground Circus, Western Canada's only full time circus, has been dedicated to providing entertainment for special events. The founding members of The Underground Circus, Peter Boulanger and Ninon Parent, are alumni of Montreal's L'Ecole National du Cirque.  

Their creative approach is seen within their performances as well as their custom builds and shows. Eclectic and stunningly beautiful, The Underground Circus has been commissioned to create some of the most extraordinary programs alongside fabricating some VERY impressive props! They have constructed North America’s largest marionette; the only one in the world capable of lifting circus acts in its hands, which was debuted at the opening of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Since creating a custom show for the Samsung Pavilion at the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Underground Circus has been breaking records and ‘wowing’ audiences. They have performed at the 100th Anniversary of Fluor, both at their Grand Gala in Dallas, Texas and at their Vancouver celebration - simultaneously. For the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, they created giant animated sculptures, including the worlds largest eagle sculpture and 2 giant wire frame horses, that were flown 60 feet above the audience!

 The Underground Circus rang in the New Year performing for the New Year’s Celebration at the New Town Plaza in Hong Kong. They have also performed 13 Cirque shows with Symphony Orchestras across North America, including three with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

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the acts


An ethereal image.  An eight-foot in diameter floating bubble carries a performer within its fragile walls.  Conjuring images of soap bubbles, weightless and delicate, all the while inside, turning over and over, exploring the limits of her transparent cage, a beautiful creature floats.  Angel? Spirit?  Stimulation for the imagination. A unique act to present to your guests as they walk into the ballroom.



The Underground Circus presents Wine Fairies, a unique and creative element for any event!  Beautiful costumed aerial performers pour wine for guests while suspended from the ceiling. The interactive acrobats are truly whimsical wine fairies who create a memorable experience for the guests…not to mention the photo opportunities!


Like a Phoenix, the artist's  world is fire, touching, breathing, eating, - an expert in the art of fire manipulation. Beautiful dance combines with the danger of fire as the character of the phoenix performs both classic fire tricks such as fire eating, as well as, some more unique acts as the burning headdress. This performance is a great segue to other entertainment elements. The phoenix emerges from a pyrotechnic display as a giant flower which opens to reveal the performers inside. The phoenix continues with a fire show that includes a flaming headdress and a spectacular fire poi display.

Aerial silks are a product of the new age of circus is an exciting and sensuous act. The beautiful acrobats perform as high as the venue allows using the entire length of the fabric used as the stage. Feats of strength, graceful figures and breath taking tumbles are executed by intertwining body and fabric. The act can be performed as a solo, a duet, or a trio to enhance this already stunning performance.

It looks simple to begin with 3 intertwined metal hoops suspended in the air. The performers begin to twist and contort inside, spinning and swinging, the sense of danger mounts. Strength, flexibility and agility allow these acrobats to manipulate their bodies around the hoops to form graceful shapes and perform awe-inspiring acrobatic skills as they spiral in an elegant aerial dance.

One table, four chairs, one man balancing on top. The act evolves as the chairs are stacked in ever higher and more complicated patterns. The chairs have been designed to let them stack together in a unique way, creating a new twist on a traditional act.

Performed on a unique structure, this award winning act combines highly technical acrobatics with smooth balancing and choreography. Created by Peter Boulanger, this act is performed by two former Cirque du Soleil acrobats, who have showcased their acrobatic talents around the world.


The Moon's Eye is a unique aerial apparatus conceived and built by Peter Boulanger of the Underground Circus, Vancouver's premiere circus arts company. This simple three-foot diameter steel ring has infinite possibilities. It's usually hung on a system that allows it to be raised and lowered in the air. It's vulnerability adds to it's appeal - There is nothing between the performer and the ground except air.


Contortion is an ever popular circus act, inspiring disbelief and shock at the possibilities of human flexibility. The act is available in different themes and costumes. Contortion is an unusual form of physical display that involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body…to the amazement of the audience. 

The newest creation by Peter Boulanger, Skyladder is a delicate looking collection of bars and wires, reaching up to 32 feet in length, and hung from up to 40 feet high. The acrobats move up and down the entire length of the structure, using both wires and bars and each other to influence their movement. Skyladder can be performed as a solo structure, or as two separate structures performed simultaneously.

Fluid movements, precise balance, unfaltering concentration and stunt action come together to form this hand balancing act. Grace and flexibility counterpoint strength and power as bodies perform an acrobatic, high energy, comedic free for all. Hand Balancing showcases more then special circus skills of superbly conditioned athletics. Always a showstopper and a jaw dropper!

The structure is an outline of a cube, 5 feet to a side, made of thin polished aluminum struts. When it's spun, the reflections off the struts create a 3 dimensional light show, hypnotic in it's holographic illusion. There is beauty in this flowing artwork that captures and engages the audience.

Juggling is a very old form of entertainment. This traditional circus skill is adapted to today's audience with the use of glow balls. Rhythmic and hypnotizing, Iain and Melissa weave patterns of glowing balls in the dark, creating a cascade of light.

This high tech display features amazing dancers with illuminant lighting tubes intertwined throughout their bodies creating a unique 3 dimensional light show. The contemporary rhythmic choreography creates a cascade of light that will capture and engage the audience.


One of the newest juggling styles, it was feature on the movie "Labyrinth". Crystal spheres are rolled in hypnotic pattern over the performers hands and body. Contact juggling is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of balls in contact with the body. Juggling techniques include Body Rolling, Palm Spinning and Isolation. This is new updated version of this ancient juggling skill will delight your audience!


The Marionette Puppet is an aluminum, 34-foot structure that "holds" aerial artists including silk acts and other acrobats. This unique structure features a puppeteering team made up of three puppeteers controlling the head, shoulders, feet and elbows, and two riggers handling the hands. The hands are crucial elements, since the circus acts would be lifted by the same rigging that was lifting the hands. The acrobats could be presented as AMAZING moving décor elements or a wondrous after dinner show. 

Whether you are looking to include a different and exciting type of talent at your wedding or producing a large and impressive stage show, the Underground Circus will meet and exceed your needs, leaving your guests in awe.


partial client list:

  • Physician Resource Convention
  • Real Estate Board Awards Banquette
  • Folkest Arts Festival, Victoria
  • BC Celebration, Tourism BC
  • Young Entrepreneur's Organization
  • Value Drug Mart, Edmonton
  • Nutramax
  • Vancouver International Children's Festival Gala
  • North West Textile
  • Young President's Organization
  • Chateau Whistler First Night Celebration
  • Siva, Fashion Show
  • World Conference of Earthquake Engineers
  • Charle Spring Tour
  • Winnipeg International Children's Festival
  • Motion Picture Theater Assoc. of Canada
  • Vancouver Fairmount, Employee Party
  • PwC Leadership Summit
  • Carriage House Inn, Canadian Travel Insurance
  • Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, Canada Day
  • Folkfest Arts Festival, Victoria, BC
  • Erina Cosmetics
  • Sechelt Family Arts Festival
  • Traveling Pants Production Wrap Party
  • Chiefs Development Group, Prospera Centre Grand opening
  • Chiefs Development Group, Prospera Centre Grand opening
  • Dealership Opening, Toyota & Lexus "Open Road Toyota"
  • City of Port Moody, Inlet Theatre, The Underground Circus, "The Necklace"
  • PCAA convention, Pacific Contortion & Acrobatics Alliance
  • Omni Group of Companies, Marriot Pinnacle Hotel
  • First Night Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Play House