tonye aganaba, singer/guitarist


Tonye Aganaba is a sultry singer-songwriter born in London, England and raised in Northern Canada. Since moving to Vancouver she has been featured on a collection of recordings spanning multiple genres of music such as Electro-House, Dubstep, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B.


Well-travelled and experienced, Tonye has been invited to perform around the world; her versatility allowing her to connect with all audiences and increasing her continuously growing and loyal international fan base. A testament to the diversity of her craft, Tonye has had the pleasure of playing 4 dates at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and also opened for Reggae Fusion Singer Shaggy, to name merely a few of her 2014 accolades.


In addition to her playful in-your-face presence, Tonye’s soul sound and stunning charm combined with her jazzy vibe and dance worthy tunes set her in a sassy class of her own making her an irresistible force and the perfect addition to your event!


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tonye aganaba and the foundation

For larger events Tonye Aganaba also performs with The Foundation. She first met the band in 2011 and together they deliver an explosive performance packed with neo-soul and R&B vibes. This group is heavily influenced by traditional soul in both showmanship and performance but proficiently blends those influences with contemporary elements.

Since forming, Tonye and The Foundation have had many memorable performances which include: opening for Ziggy Marley at the Vogue, opening for the Skatalites at Venue, performing at the Music BC Showcase at the Vogue, in addition to many self-promoted shows at venues such as Fortune Soundclub and the Shark Club.

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