the honeycrooners show

Tom Watson brings the inevitable charm and irreverence of the Las Vegas strip back to life with his loving tribute to the Crooners that made Vegas what it is today. With the Greatest hits of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole and more, Watson recreates the lounge atmosphere of the old Sands, Sahara or Tropicana like no other. Even with just a trio, the sound is authentic and smooth and suitable for background or featured performance. Add in the rest of the band and you have an evening to remember, filled with the music that defined generations with class and elegance.

The full band is able to accurately recreate the authentic sounds of the originals with a look and feel that matches the scene in the clubs of Las Vegas’ glory days. It’s energizing, fun and the ultimate in class. For smaller situations, the Honeycrooners can appear as a trio, but regardless of the size, the swaggering irreverence is ever present and a journey back to the timeless music of the 20th century.

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