royal canadian mounted police

TENBC will arrange for a member of the RCMP to meet & greet and pose for photos during your welcome reception or be part of the general session opening ceremony. 

Dressed in traditional Red Serge a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will give delegates an authentic taste of Canadiana. 

 The RCMP are  true Canadian Ambassadors  and perfect for events in Vancouver and Whistler.


TENBC has often worked with a member of the  RCMP with over 30 years experience including being a member of the Musical Ride from 1985-1989. Although he is no longer with the Musical Ride program, he continues to work with the RCMP horses. “For international visitors, all they want to see is a Mountie and whether they love horses or dogs, there is something for everyone,”. The only other similar patrol is in Ottawa on Parliament Hill.

The officer started working with Justice, a Canadian thoroughbred 13 years ago. Like other RCMP horses, Justice is black, elegant, has an easy temperament, is people-friendly and stands 17.2 hands tall. “But mostly importantly he likes to receive apples and carrots while on patrol.”

Justice is often joined by Coyote, a seven year-old German shepherd. Coyote displays all the traits of an RCMP dog including versatility, strength and courage that make him the perfect dog for Canadian police work.

Officers  of the RCMP have lectured about the history of this Canadian institution on numerous cruises for major cruise lines and regularly attend  events from Whistler to Whiterock.