the soul survivors steel band

the soul survivors steel band

This steel band plays the sweet sounds of the Caribbean, encompassing Calypso, R&B, Funk, Rock, Reggae and, even classical. They are in constant demand as one of Vancouver's favourite Caribbean group, performing the lilting melodies of faraway tropical places for many a rainy day celebration. Make your party hot! hot! hot!

With roots running deep into the Caribbean and branching out all over the world, steel drum music is a fresh sound that is captivating audiences everywhere. Soul Survivors is one of the best at delivering that sound. The music of Soul Survivors will move you into that "island attitude". You will feel the breeze as you limbo to hot Calypso and Soca beats or rock to the pulsating rhythms of Reggae and other arrangements.

The founding members of Soul Survivors are all from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. While working for the Merlin Hotel Chain, they traveled extensively to such exciting places as South East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei and Australia.

Soul Survivors are in constant demand for corporate functions and are also a popular favourite in Vancouver's annual Caribbean Days celebration.

Soul Survivors are perfect for any festival, corporate or special event. They will light up your party Caribbean Style with the Sounds of the Islands!!

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