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"No Ma'm, we're not police officers, we're musicians”

The Soul Men features Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues singin' and dancin' like they're on a mission from God. Comedic energetic dance steps of the two front men are done with the energy of a man just released from Joliet Prison. They WILL have you shakin' your tail feathers.

Double Overtime has been playing funk, soul, R&B, and pop tunes for decades and are very experienced at providing a tight, high-impact show with wow-factor and groove to get any audience moving.

The calibre of the musicians means that they really can play anything. Sure, their specialty is R&B and Soul plus Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Chicago, Van Morrison, Commitments but Bruno Mars? No problem. Elvis? Uh-huh. Black-Eyed Peas? Got it covered.

Past performances include:

Blue Fog Studios
Canada Day, Peachland BC
Cascade Casino Summit Theatre
Anvil Centre Theatre
White Rock Sea Festival
Columbia Valley Classics Car Show
Terry Fox Theatre
Abbotsford Car Show
Rogers Santa Parade

The Soul Men have their show down pat, whether with the full band or as a more mobile two-man setup with backing tracks. Everything from the look, the moves, the car, the lingo… these guys have it all!

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