randy charach, psychic entertainer

Randy Charach performs one amazing feat after another packed full of comedy and audience participation. Program may include:

• Revealing personal and humorous facts about members of the audience. Everything from how much change is in a person's pocket ... their drivers license number ... pet's name ... to where, when and who their first kiss was with.

• An envelope sealed and mailed to a representative from your organization well in advance of the presentation will be opened during the performance revealing predictions impossible for anyone to know in advance. Predictions can be specifically about your organization or event.

• With eyes completely sealed shut Randy Charach will describe random objects brought forward by members of the audience.

He does it all with absolutely no stooges and no information provided in advance. Well versed in corporate culture and communicating ideas, Randy Charach can incorporate your messages into his program. Even the most sophisticated of audiences can't stop talking about long after the show is over.

“ I urge everyone to experience Randy Charach in person”.
Bruce Allen, Manager Bryan Adams/Michael Bublé.

“Your personal and corporate appearances are always a treat”.
Jimmy Pattison, CEO The Jim Pattison Group

“Randy Charach’s Show is amazing and fun”.
John Travolta

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