president donald trump           comedic character

president donald trump
comedic character

Invite the leader of the Free World to your event! Break the ice in a truly unforgettable way as President Trump mingles and makes deals and with your guests. For extra laughs, Trump can deliver a rousing Presidential Address that highlights all sorts of Trump-isms. "My Foreign Policy? If you mess with the United States, there will be hell toupee."


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Rather than sitting through endless meetings in the Oval Office President Trump would rather be at your event schmoozing your guests. Trump is the ultimate photo opportunist and never misses a chance to be in front of the mic. As an option he can appear with his current wife Melania. President Trump is portrayed by veteran comedic actor Mike Carvers. If you're extra nice, Trump may even let you touch his hair!

Orange Is The New Black!

Mike Cavers is a gifted character actor and improv comedian with years of experience. He has done award-winning writing and performances for TELUS, Sun Peaks, Yum Corporation, Astrazeneca, Swiss Re, Facebook and many more high-profile companies plus countless events for Tourism Vancouver. 

Mike is currently the co-star and co-writer of the Leo and LA Webfest award-winning comedy series, Fools For Hire. Mike would like to thank Donald Trump for basically writing his comedy material for him.?

"Mike Cavers is the real deal. His recent appearances on our show were channel stoppers. Lots of fun, fabulous costumes and authentic makeup, plus He's funny and can integrate His performance into any situation..” —George Lacny,The Rush, Shaw TV 

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