the phase III steel drum band

The founding members of Phase III have traveled extensively to many exciting places spreading the warm, tropical sounds of the music they love as they go. Now, having settled in Canada, they have decided to fulfill a dream, bringing the sounds of sunshine and lazy days to the challenging climate conditions of North America. The intrigue of the steel drums always draws a crowd, and the music itself, whether a familiar West Indy song, or classical, calypso, rhythm and blues, funk, and the ever popular rock'n roll, is irresistible. And, of course, they are always expanding their repertoire with new melodies.

Phase III are in constant demand for corporate functions and Vancouver's convention circuit, filling rainy day business buffets or brunches with the lilting sounds of tropical places. Or perhaps a stroll through one of Vancouver's parks will find them taking part in the annual celebration of Caribbean Days.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the rolling sounds of the steel drums take you away to the Caribbean if only for a short visit.

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