noah nine

The story of Noah Nine begins in Japan in 1994 where Sean Dillon and Richard Dolmat met as contracted street musicians at a theme park north of Tokyo. They soon discovered a chemistry that would serve them well in developing their lucrative musical careers. Since then, they have delighted audiences on three continents and seven countries.

Noah Nine are well known for their renditions of classic cover tunes from The Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and other 60's favourites. Sean and Richard bring a hip irreverent sense of humour to their retro repertoire. They're fun! They're entertaining! And they ROCK!!! With songs spanning four decades, featuring guitar, keyboards, pristine vocals and a keen sense of humor this charismatic duo has the ability to entertain large crowds of all ages. Their engaging in between song banter and audience interaction make them a crowd favourite. A guaranteed a fun time!

"I really like the music you are creating. You have great voices, grooves, sounds, formats and presentation."
 Randy Bachman (BTO, The Guess Who)

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