Max Fomitchev in the persona of Max-i-mime is considered to be one of Canada's most expressive artists. He is an internationally recognized mime artist who uses the classic mime techniques of flexibility and strength, combined with physical comedy and expression. Max-i-mime transports his audience into a world of laughter and pathos using only his body, his face and a few props.


Before bringing his unique physical comedy style to Vancouver in 1992 Max Fomitchev got his performing start at age 13 in his birthplace Moscow, Russia. An amazing and well-studied Mime Artist, Max was frequently the only deaf performer in his advanced classes, and competitions.

After earning his MFA in Drama (graduating at the top of his class) Max went on to tour around the world with the Zakutok Players. This performing troupe was invited to Deaf Way in Washington, DC in 1989 and the empowering experience changed Max forever. Two years later, he defected from Russia to live in Vancouver, Canada.!

Since starting over in Vancouver Max has overcome adversity and real challenges to realize his dream as a performer. He has worked hard to land roles in TV series, commercials, and a feature film "Saving Silverman" starring Jack Black.

Max-i-mime always delivers a remarkable performance that would be the perfect addition to any event!

"Max is the most unique person I've ever had the overwhelming pleasure to know. He's talented beyond belief, and his life is an amazing story itself." Rob Middleton-Hope, Percussionist

"This guy is all class."
Stuart Derdeyn, The Province

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