matt johnson, urban deception

Originally from the UK and now residing in Canada, Matt Johnson has been performing and perfecting his craft for over 20 years. In that time he has literally traveled the globe performing in exotic locations such as Japan, Dubai and Argentina for companies such as Mercedes, Ford, AT&T, Toyota and Microsoft to name but a few. He has numerous Network TV appearances including Penn & Teller Fool Us, Wizard Wars, SyFy, CW Network, Breakfast Television, CTV and more.

Matt began his career as a traditional magician and illusionist but along the way has picked up other secret (and often devious) techniques that allow him to make his performances completely unique and utterly thought provoking. He no longer considers himself a typical magician, instead he performs Urban Deception, a unique blend of sleight of hand, mind reading techniques, subliminal programming and the power of suggestion, to achieve feats that seem to defy explanation.

His performances are bold, powerful and delivered with an edgy urban flair that is uniquely his own. It is entertainment that will leave your audience totally mystified! Matt is available for strolling and stage performances.

"Matthew provided a magic and comedy show that was a HUGE HIT!"
 Lisa Kolomaya – Eli Lilly Canada, Inc.

"We were stunned by the magical powers of Matthew Johnson"
 Evan Taubenfligel – Mercedes Benz Canada.