martin dubé, musical impressionist

This talented performer is considered the best impressionist of his generation. With his unique five-octave voice range and more then 500 impressions of famous international singers that propelled him into the league of world-class entertainers, he brings to life your favourite male and female showbiz personalities. Acclaimed in some of the most prestigious theaters in more then 20 different countries from the Academy Awards in Beverly Hills to Casablanca, Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas to Monaco, La Scala in Milan to the Moulin Rouge. Discover this impressionist virtuoso in English, French, Latin, Italian and Spanish.

Martin Dubé  built his career on a whim through impulse and daring gambles. Who would have thought that this Montrealer would sing at the biggest venues on the planet in some of the most beautiful places? During a show in the United States, he met with Saturday Night Live producer Joe Bodolai, who then becomes his scriptwriter for the English versions of his act. This leading Dubé  to be a part in Larry King’s Cardiac Foundation Gala.

When he performed at the Bâle’s Festival in Sweden, the director of the Moulin Rouge in Paris hired him for a series of 67 shows – all in English! “He always wanted to talk to me in English!” Martin Dubé   remembers. On some nights where a more local audience was in attendance, he started impersonating Francis Cabrel and Édith Piaf and as a result, his show became more and more bilingual. One of his greatest memories was co-hosting the 75th annual Oscar pre-gala with Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominated actress, Kate Hudson.

Martin Dubé is an internationally renowned impressionist for his men and women’s voices in a humorist context. He is a symphony of voices and comedy fused together in one package to deliver a total entertainment experience!

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