kytami, violinistextremist

With her abilities, style and devilish smile, Kytami has won over audience after audience, appearing at most major festivals across Canada and in the Western U.S. as well as performing overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany and Dubai. Kytami has appeared on albums by The Swollen Members and The Rebel Spell, collaborated with bands such as the dancehall/hip-hop group Third Eye Tribe, Goatsblood and legendary dub producer The Mad Professor and has also co-written two albums and toured extensively with the multi-cultural, award-winning band Delhi 2 Dublin.

Kytami is currently heading back into the studio to finish up a second solo album. She continues to rock clubs as a part of a duo with turntablist/producer DJ The Phonograff. The PhonoGraff is not only a DJ and a producer, he is also a highly skilled turntablist that manipulates the decks in a tasteful – yet murderous – way. Some people even say he’s possessed!

Together, this unassailable duo is getting ready to bring their crazy ninja skills and infectious energy to you with a fresh new sound they’re calling“Violin vs. Vinyl.”

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