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Gillian Campbell is an entertainer who wins the hearts and minds of guests from all over the world. She delights all with her singing, cheeky patter and glittering gowns.

When Gillian walks out on stage, the room becomes charged with her personal magnetism and there isn't an audience anywhere that won't respond to her slightly naughty humor.

Gillian is able to take the most staid, conservative group of businessmen - pillars of the community, leaders of the establishment - and within minutes have them organized into a chorus line, pant legs rolled to their knees, kicking their legs high in the air, like an inspired group of Parisian 'can can' girls.

In 1998 Gillian was inducted into the prestigious B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame. Gillian wants everyone to know the honour was not given posthumously ... she is alive and well and looking forward to performing at your next function.

"I have heard absolute rave reviews this week regarding your performance. Everyone loved you."
Debbie MacMillan
3 Mayors Heart of Gold Auction, Kelowna, B.C.

"Thanks to you for making the atmosphere lighthearted with laughter and song. You truly have a gift for getting everyone involved in having a good time."
Roberta Mulholland, Manager
B.C. & Yukon Hotels' Association

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