kellie & co, ventriloquist

Kellie is a dynamic performer and educator who inspires and amazes audiences of all ages. She is a multitalented and dynamic entertainer, trained in ventriloquism, theatre, puppetry, music and dance. Ever since she discovered, at the age of eight, that her stuffed animals could talk, Kellie Haines has been creating a new world.

Kellie began performing at an early age and has been a professional ventriloquist for 17 years. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Drama, she directed, wrote, produced and performed in several theatre projects. With this background in theatre, dance and singing, Kellie has taken her skills to television as well, appearing in several TV spots.

Kellie & Co are well known for  Rocket Magrau: Space Bird!, which played several times weekly at the HR MacMillan Space Centre planetarium for numerous years.

Kellie, Kamilla and Magrau have performed at the Vancouver International Children's Festival, Kids Fringe and numerous corporate events. Together they always ensure EVERYONE has fun!

Kellie Haines and her puppet pals are simply the most engaging, warm, effervescent company one could hope to encounter."
Patricia Hardin, Producer, The Fanny Kiefer Show, My City, Vancouver, B.C.

"Her ventriloquist skill was a particularly impressive one ... From the children's perspective perhaps the best aspect of the show was the audience participation.. The show gets 5 stars from us"

CBC Review Live Wire, Vancouver Fringe Festival Audience Review Winner.

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