karen flamenco dance company

Karen Pitkethly is the artistic director and choreographer of this non-for profit dance company. She is the face of flamenco in Vancouver. This prolific dancer, choreographer, and teacher is a life-long dancer, extensively trained in ballet, contemporary, and flamenco dance. Her journey as a flamenco bailora brings her annually to Seville.

Traditional and innovative, this company’s unique style and approach has expanded the mysterious world of flamenco to a wider audience with their collaboration of theatre and dance. They have made a valuable contribution to the development and culture of flamenco dance in this city.

Karen Flamenco regularly performs at The Centre for Performing Arts in spring and tours annually throughout the province. The company reached acclaimed success with their renditions of Carmen, West Side Story, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Swan Lake and Snow White.

Experience this young and innovative dance company as it intertwines masterful storytelling, passionate music, and spirited dancing to capture the thrill of flamenco in our city.

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