just good friends

All the great duos have had it! Lucy and Ricky had it! Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie and, yes, even Captain and Tennille had it! That "It" is chemistry and musical entertainers, JUST GOOD FRIENDS dish it up it in generously sized portions. Together, vocalist Kelly Brock and keyboardist/vocalist, Andre Kunkel have nurtured their mutual love for ALL genres and styles of music.

Kelly Brock and Andre Kunkel are JUST GOOD FRIENDS. This is a gift earned by their many successful years of making music together as two sixths of DR. STRANGELOVE, one of Vancouver's most loved party bands!

This voice piano duo play a wide range of musicfrom the swing & jazz of the 1950s through Folk music and the British Invasion of the 60s, all the hits from 70s & 80s into the New Millennium. THESE are the songs that JUST GOOD FRIENDS enjoy sharing with their audiences.

So, whether you'd prefer to simply lounge back and take a musical ride down memory lane or to jump to your feet and shake it up on the dance floor to a current or an old dance favorite, JUST GOOD FRIENDS always manage to strike the perfect balance. Their upbeat style and easy going rapport provide just the right bookend to their sassy but classy humor.

In short, JUST GOOD FRIENDS don't only play music; they play host and hostess, inviting audiences in to join their party! They promise to save a seat for you!

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