jack frost, interactive character

Jack Frost is the ideal Winter season character! This original rendition of the iconic Jack Frost, played by a seasoned comedic actor and emcee Mike Cavers, gets the party started creating excitement and laughter.

Fantastic for line-up relief, he’ll engage your guests with fantastic, unforgettable tales from Winter Wonderland, keeping them laughing while they wait -and magically replenishing the ice in their cocktails (ok, that might be hard to actually do...).

Mr. Frost can mingle, sharing his uniquely comedic storyline with the guests and if need this icy character will take the stage to welcome guests,introduce speakers, thank sponsors and give out awards.

For extra impact, invite Jack's girlfriend the Ice Princess. They've only been dating for a few hundred years, but still give each other the chills! This proven comedy duo will keep your guests talking until Spring!

Whether you book them as a couple or individually, they are a perfect fit for Winter -they've got it down cold!

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