hybrid movement stunt team

It all began with a conversation back in 2005 between a group of friends who met on the internet. They all practiced a sport called Martial Arts Tricking and become friends through the online community called Tricks Tutorials. As they discussed the possibility of forming a team and making a living performing all the different disciplines they practiced (whether it was martial arts or gymnastics or dance). 

At the time, they had a couple videos on Youtube that they had made for fun and by luck some event planners from a local college saw the videos and called them to do their first show.

More time passed, and more opportunities came forward. The team has been featured at major events including The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival as well as film/TV productions such as The Lightening Thief, Hellcats and Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

The troupe has performed for numerous corporate events including holiday parties at The Vancouver Convention Centre and opening ceremonies for clients looking for a high impact/ high energy display!


Their specialties include:

- Martial Arts Tricking 
- Free Running
- Le Parkour
- Action/Fight Choreography 
- Stunts for film/TV
- Gymnastics – power tumbling
- Bboying and Hip Hop dance 
- Circus Arts:(staff/fire spinning, poi)


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