the great gatsby revue, cast members

This high flying, high energy show features music and dance plus vaudevillian comedy from the golden era of 1920.  Capturing the sophistication and elegance of the Roaring Twenties combined with the madcap mayhem of  Prohibition times, The Great Gastby Revue is an old time good time!

rhythm city dancers

Rhythm City Productions are devoted to the study and enjoyment of vintage jazz dance.  Company founder Lucy Falkner wanted to share her passion for Swing, Lindy Hop, The Jitterbug and other fun old fashion dances. Lucy has taught Charleston, Vintage Jazz, Lindy Hop, and Blues across Canada and the Pacific Northwest, and at the world-famous Herräng Dance Camp, in Sweden. The Rhythm City Dancers are a talented group who have performed for many corporate events and always create a lively party atmosphere. 

voodoo pixie,       burlesque dancer

Voodoo Pixie is a unique dancer who truly captures the glamour of the 1920s and 1930's. She has been a featured performer with Kitty Nights Burlesque Troupe and The Screaming Chickens Theatrical Society as well as being a part of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. When Voodoo Pixie hits the stage she is a pint-sized dynamo. The once popular performance art of Burlesque has been seeing a resurgence in the last few years, and Voodoo Pixie is in the forefront. Voodoo Pixie first got involved in dance while working in the UK and has not stopped performing since. Her extensive cabaret credits include Paris à Minuit at The Rio Theatre and the Abra- Cadaver Cabaret at the Wise Hall. Pixie was also featured performer at the Lindy Bout Championships. Performing is her passion that drives fans of Voodoo Pixie to her shows.

flying not falling           vaudeville act

An elegant gentleman, a spotlight-stealing dandy and a disaster prone clown team up in this whimsical vaudeville revue. It's choreographed chaos, it's musical madcappery, and it’s ... Flying Not Falling! Flying Not Falling have entertained audiences around North America, with their unique blend of juggling, clown, and musical comedy. When you need something fresh but backed by experienced professionalism, something out of the ordinary but accessible to any audience, a show that plays big but can fit in a Model-T, you're looking for Flying Not Falling!

arnt arntzen         singer/banjo player

Banjoist, Guitarist, Vocalist and Songwriter Arnt Arntzen fell into playing jazz when his grandfather Lloyd bought him a banjo. Learning from his older brother Evan Arntzen, as well as his mother, father and grandfather, he has since begun leading his own bands, including the Hot Foot Five, and various trios and quartets playing everything from Jazz to pop and rock covers in a jazzed up fashion. After obtaining his degree in music performance from Vancouver Community College, Arnt performs in a variety of bands and has also produced his own album of original material, called Banjo Hymn.

david c. jones, emcee  

Award wining David C. Jones has been called "one of the funniest minds in Vancouver" by Barbara Crook of The Vancouver Sun. As an actor he has appeared on stage, radio and television and in countless corporate shows. From his years of sketch comedy work and his ten years with the renowned Vancouver TheatreSports League and 11 years with Rock-Paper-Scissors he has developed a wide range of comic personas. His reputation has had him travel and work in such exotic locations as Bosnia, Israel, Egypt, Greenland and Las Vegas. David has written tradeshows, radio commercials, corporate videos and live theater pieces. David C. Jones has vast experience as an Emcee in addition to vintage character portrayals and truely captures the spirit of the Great Gatsby era.

the gatsby strutters jazz band

The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band is a jumpin’ ensemble that plays music from the golden days  from 1920 to 1940….the Great Gatsby Era. The 1920s were a time of unprecedented change when skirts went up, drinks went underground, and the music got hot...and hot The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band is, providing background music evoking the thrilling decade of speak-easies and roadhouses, formal dances in the Hamptons and flappers in Tin Lizzies.

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