DynaMike, juggler

DynaMike, juggler

Michael Anthony Bonnici, a.k.a. “DynaMike”, is an award-winning busker who performs continuously around the world. He has performed in Dubai, China, Holland, the UK and Oman but is known locally for his performances on Granville Island. Bonnici loves busking. “In a world full of bad news and bad attitudes, busking is a breath of fresh air,” says Bonnici. “It makes people feel good in simple ways. It brings people together. It’s fun. It’s good for people.”



Mike, DynaMike, Bonnici has performed on the streets of 14 different countries, busked since the age of 16 and never had an ordinary job. However, he is well dressed, good-looking, self-confident and enjoys life as he puts it “doing shows for the good people of the earth”. 

Mike was doing gymnastics from a young age. He liked the attention when he was doing the tricks most children couldn’t do. “When I was a kid it was like a drug; I was hungry for it. You get all this energy from all sorts of people. Every little baby loves attention and as we grow up some of us become more or less dependent on attention and I was pretty dependent”

Mike Bonnici is the producer of the Vancouver International Busker festival which transforms downtown Vancouver's main street into an arts-rich and large scale public celebration annually on Canada Day Weekend. 

Mike doesn’t think about life in terms of job and free time, career and personal life. For him it’s all life: “I was born, I will die in the end and in between I am just alive”. Street performing for DynaMike is the part of who he is. It makes him happy.

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