duh hockey guys

Stilting sensations Duh Hockey Guys have been a growing phenomenon at Vancouver festivals for many years. With their “crooked” referee in tow, these super-tall “elite hockey professionals” play spontaneous games of road hockey with the young, unsuspecting hockey heroes of the future. Mobbed by scores of youngsters (and parents) wherever they perform, there is apparently no end to willing participants brave enough to challenge Duh Hockey Guys to a hi-stakes game of “two-on-two” hockey. You won't believe where a game could break out!

Winter festivals, children’s festivals, Canada Day celebrations, corporate events, product launches and press junkets and now the 2010 Olympic Games: Duh Hockey Guys are ten feet of fun!

The only thing more outrageous then playing hockey with these guys is the post game interviews: you never know what a hockey guy might say once his mouth guard is out!

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