carolyn sadowska as queen elizabeth

Invite Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to your event to talk about her family, YOUR family, your event, your city, your business. This saucy, irreverent, hilarious Royal Personage shows up in the most unexpected places - opening or closing ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, receptions, conventions, birthday and retirement parties. The favourite time of year for Her Royal Highness is the festive season, when she delivers her popular Christmas Massage.

In routines tailored to the occasion, Sadowska responds to letters from her subjects, chats about her grandchildren ("The youngest was born bald-but they call him Harry"), the British economy ("I asked an accountant for advice about the shrinking pound; she told me I could afford to lose a few more...especially about the thighs"), her husband ("he's not keen on my portrait being on currency-he's peeved that millions of men carry pictures of me around in their wallets. Actually, knowing where most men keep their wallets, I'm not sure I'm all that pleased myself.")

Downright eerie, she is, Her Royal Personage, bedecked in tiara and gloves and lace gown, waving to the crowd with that signature, robotic turn of the wrist. Sometimes she's just a little too convincing.

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The Queen often enjoys travelling with her newest daughter-in-law Kate Middleton