buddy the elf & his twin brother robbie

Roving characters are the most effective way to inject a buzz into your Christmas event and Buddy & Robbie are the perfect Holiday Comedic Characters. These interactive actors will greet your guests at the door and stroll during the event. Really, there's nothing funnier than large men in elf costumes behaving like excited kids.

This talent team have a gift for setting up HILARIOUS “scenario” style photo ops with your guests. Within seconds, our Christmas duo will direct your guests into side-splitting scenes for the photos that will be cherished and giggled at for years to come.

As an option elves riding reindeer can also attend your holiday gala. Ok not real reindeer since the hoofs make Holiday cookie cutouts of the hotel carpet…not to mention Christmas gifts they leave behind. The elves would ride about mounted on furry reindeer props compete with antlers.

Our roving characters know how to bring out the best in your guests by drawing them into the world of the characters with infectious humour and playfulness. They know how to make guests feel special through listening to their comments, and building on what they've said -so your guests have a chance to shine too!

"We were so incredibly happy with our elves, they were fantastic!! Thank you!"
Leanne Bird Campbell,                     Froh, May & Rice

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