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This is a one-woman show that will make your head spin. Bonnie Kilroe looks, sounds, acts, and sings like today's musical divas but she also incorporates other legendary songstresses such as Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler and Patsy Cline into the show. The show is one-part tribute, one part farce, where Bonnie will have you laughing and crying, sometimes within moments of each other.

Bonnie has been a professional and award-winning entertainer for more than 15 years, the last 10 of which she has dedicated to her one-woman act—Celebrity Imposters. During her shows, Bonnie uses her skill as a performer to encourage audience participation, which always adds an extra element of novelty and surprise. Her natural comedic timing, striking looks and versatile vocals all help to create a mesmerizing feast for your entertainment senses! Whether it is a featured performer on the Seabourn Cruise Lines, co-host of the Merritt Mountain Music Fest, performing at the Vancouver Comedy Festival, or at a casino or theatre "near you", Bonnie is ready to deliver her unique talent to any stage!

So, if you love your divas and you love your celebrity impersonators, DIVAS: Vegas Meets Vaudeville is a show you simply should not miss!

"Bonnie was a joy to work with both prior and during the event. She is incredibly helpful and wants to ensure a successful event. Fabulous costumes and attention to detail, plus a beautiful voice."
- Nokia Products LTD

"I have booked the acts for the Northern Lights Casino for 11 years and she is a first class act and one of the best. We will have her back soon."
- Entertainment Manager, Northern Lights Casino

"It was fantastic! The crowd absolutely loved her and the audience interaction was great. From Marilyn to Cher the night was non-stop laughs. Her comedic spin on each character was truly entertaining. We would love to have the DIVAS back to cascades anytime."
- Marketing Manager, Cascades Casino

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bonnie kilroe, country queens

Channeling your favourite female country legends and bringing them to life, Bonnie Kilroe is at it again with her one-of-a-kind Country Queens impersonation spectacular! She looks like them, talks like them, and most importantly – She sings like them too! 


From the iconic Patsy Cline and the First Lady of Country Music herself, Loretta Lynn to more contemporary musicians such as Reba McEntire and Canada’s own Shania Twain, this show has almost everything a fan of country music could want!

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