Experience the 1920s prohibition and dance craze era with a band whose combined world class musicianship, studious nature and charming sweet spots are happy to take you there. Barnstormer members include:

MELA ,Honey it’s short for Melanie, on Vocals, Banjo, Kazoo & Ukulele: Melanie Dekker, has a voice like chocolate & a vivacious spirit. singer-songwriter & touring recording artist. Hit singles & fans world-wide. She often plays solo concerts with 7 albums in tow. She has a series of good-vibe youtube videos and there’s always a new something or other underway. 

BABE RUTH on Clarinet:Tom Keenlyside is a woodwind pro! He has performed and recorded with a variety of international artists including from Natalie Cole to Motley Crüe.

AL CAPONE on Drums:Allan Rodger, a studio engineer, a record producer and fiery multi-instrumentalist., he built his first drum-kit at 9 years old & already had his first gigs as a pre-teen.

ALBERT EINSTEIN on Guitar:Eric Reed, a multi-instrumentalist & studio engineer/producer whose talents have accumulated two Juno nominations.

SALVADOR DALI on Upright Bass:Jeremy Holmes spends his days as a hired gun in recording studios and many of his evenings on a stage. His list of projects is a script too long for this occasion :).

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