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Bang The Drum features singers Marie Hui and Sean Dillion with  a drum ensemble including First Nations drummers showcasing Canada's Aboriginal culture plus a Japanese Drum Troupe,  Latin and Brazilian percussionists, Celtic bodhrán player, Scottish marching snare drummer, African drummers and South Asian Dohl drummers. Bang The Drum reflects the melting pot of our country and truly captures the spirit of a World Beat drum circle.  

For Opening Ceremonies Bang The Drum can be presented as a short vignette to create a rousing colourful and energetic kick off to any conference or business session. Following a traditional First Nations Welcome and the National Anthems the stage would explode with music and movement.  The show is also perfect for a gala dinner with a uniquely Canadian Theme. Throughout the evening guests would enjoy short vignettes featuring drummers dressed in traditional attire performing rhythms of their culture. After the last group performs, the percussionists from each of the different cultures would then come together in our Bang The Drum grand finale with the vocalists.

Bang The Drum!

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performers include:

featured vocalists

Bang the Drum features  two powerful vocalists who capture the energy and excitement of Bryan Adams/Nelly Furtado’s original Olympic performance!

Marie Hui is a talented vocalist who is well known for as the official Vancouver Whitecaps FC National Anthem singer. She has performed the national anthems for televised Vancouver Canuks Hockey Games and The Seattle Seahawks. Sean Dillon has spent many years entertaining in far corners of the world such as Japan, China, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy as well as North America.  Marie and Sean both sing with one of the top party bands in the city; Groove n Tonic.

eagle song drummers

This colourful troupe has performed throughout B.C., across Canada, and internationally at cultural festivals in such countries as Switzerland, Taiwan, and Japan. Their drumming and dances feature beautiful carved masks that represent tributes to the animal kingdom for their spiritual powers. The dance group consists of elders and youth of the Squamish Nation.


katari taiko

Katari Taiko has the distinction of being the first Japanese taiko drum group formed in Canada and has developed a large and enthusiastic popular following. Since its inception in 1979, this Asian-Canadian company has performed throughout Canada and the U.S. The group has appeared in numerous festivals in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, St. John, and Seattle. They have also performed in a number of theatre settings including the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.


congo cartell

Congo Cartell features percussionist Jack Duncan, an indispensable part of the Vancouver music scene who is equally at home playing Latin music, West African music and jazz. His knowledge and experience of different musical styles and rhythms are unmatched in the community. The energy and sounds of this world beat collective reflect the music of Vancouver's artistic area of Commercial Drive and the sun set drum circles found at Spanish Banks Beach during the summer.


Based in Vancouver, Canada, Sambata is a percussion school and musical ensemble that plays a powerful and unique blend of music drawing on the rich traditions of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian popular and folkloric music. Led by Paul Bray, Sambata delivers high energy, exuberant performances in parades, clubs and corporate events throughout the Greater Vancouver area. 

vpd drum corp

Members from The Vancouver Police Pipe Band offer a colourful spectacle in full highland regalia that dazzle young and old alike. The precision of the drummers  alone command everyone’s attention not to mention the magnificent detail of their uniforms and presence.

african drummers

African drummers, led by Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa, add a deep meaning to our drum presentation. Kurai was born in the village of Murewa in Zimbabwe. His rural and urban experiences have resulted in a unique fusion of many different styles of drumming including traditional Shona, blues, funk, reggae, and West African. In Africa, drums hold a deep symbolic and historical meaning. Drums are almost always an accompaniment for any manner of ceremony – births, deaths, marriages and celebrations.  

south asian arts

Since first introduced in the 15th century, the dhol drum has become the ground roots of Bhangra music as we know today. The South Asian Arts Club strives for excellence in all that they do and  their own drum and dance group/school is no exception. This colourful troupe will wow your guests with their undeniable talent. Their pure passion for their music and dance ensures that members of the Indian community never forget their roots, and allows others from all walks of life to experience the rich traditions and cultures the troupe hails from.

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