the armadillo string quartet

• The word Armadillo is Spanish for "little armoured one"
• Armadillos have terrific hearing but awful eyesight
• Peaceful and sleepy during the day, Armadillos stay up all night, banging into things and causing a disturbance
• Any similarity to present members of the Armadillo Strings is strictly coincidental

Founded in 1989, The Armadillos are talented, highly trained professionals who have performed at concerts, festivals, weddings, and receptions. Personal backgrounds of present Armadillos include performing with the Vancouver Symphony, Vancouver Opera, Victoria Symphony, numerous musical theatre productions in addition to such stars as Natalie Cole, Ray Charles and others.

The Armadillo String Ensemble takes pride in their varied and extensive repertoire. With a base in classical and Baroque music, they also perform Broadway tunes, pop and big band selections, plus opera, Latin, gypsy music and waltzes. This talented ensemble can be a trio or a quartet. Whether the setting is formal or casual, they add an irresistible ambiance to all occasions.

song list

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Air on a G String

Bulgar in D Minor

Moonlight Serenade

Tarantella Napolitana

background music

The Al Guraliuk Jazz Quartet
Adam Woodall, Singer/Guitarist
Aidan Miller, Singer/pianist
Allegra, Flute & Guitar Duo
Amanda Wood, Vocalist
The Armadillo String Quartet
The Ben Henriques Jazz Trio
Colin Bullock, Singer/guitarist
The CoverArtists,Vintage Band
Daryl Jahnke, Jazz Guitarist
Dave Martone, Latin Guitarist
Doug Towle, Latin Guitarist
Elisa Thorn, Harpist
Emily Chambers, Soulful Vocalist
Encore, Musical Duo
The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band
The Gastown Strutters Dixieland Band
Heywire, Vocal/Guitar/Violin Trio
Hip Pocket, Jazz Ensemble
The Honeycrooners Show
Howie Abel, Guitarist
Janelle Nadeau, Harpist
Jen Lewin, Singer/pianist
Jillian Lebeck, Jazz Vocalist/Pianist
John Gilliat, Latin Guitarist
Kadabra, Latin Jazz Quartet
Karla Sax, Pop/Jazz Artist
KokoSoul,Vocal/Piano Duo
Krystle Dos Santos, Urban Soul
Kytami, ViolinExtremist
Latin Lounge, Pop Jazz Trio
LeftCoast Band
Lori Pappajohn, Harpist
Luis Giraldo, Vocalist / Pianist
Louise Southwood, Classical Guitarist
Mehlinda Heartt, Harpist
Melanie Dekker, Singer / Guitarist
Myles Bigelow, Urban Soul
Nathen Aswell, Singer
Paul Filek, Singer/Guitarist
The Saul Berson Jazz Trio
The Scott Robertson Jazz Trio
Sean Dillon, Singer/Guitarist
Sons of Granville, Pop Fusion Trio
Stolen Moments, Jazz Trio
Suzka, Contemporary Violinist
The Swing Soul Band
Take Two! Vocal/Piano & Bass Duo
Tom Arntzen, Vocalist / Pianist
Tonye Aganaba, Singer/Guitarist
Trevor Hoffmann, Pianist
UnoMas, Soul Jazz Trio
Van Django, Gypsy Swing