the alpiners, german band

The Alpiners have been an active part of the Vancouver Oktoberfest celebration since the 70’s. The Alpiners, under the direction of Al Pichler, bring a diversified evening of entertainment for all.  This fun loving band offers a variety of music, ranging from Oktoberfest oom-pa-pa, to sing-along and modern tunes.  The band’s vocalists add pizzaz to their singing, with all variations of yodelling and such specialties as the famous chicken dance.  This energetic band is guaranteed to keep you dancing, singing and having fun

A real crowd pleaser, Al Pichler has been entertaining crowds from 20 people to over a thousand. Al Pichler and the Alpiners perform regularly at the Vancouver Alpen Club and perform many Oktoberfest themed events like the Grouse Mountain Weissbierfest. They have performed for many corporate clients including Earls Restaurants, Blackmont Capital and Rare Indigo Ventures Inc.

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