alex wells, hoop dancer

Alex Wells is a three-time World Champion Hoop Dancer and an outstanding teacher of traditional native values. The Hoop Dance is a magical story of the creation of life through music and movement.  It is one of the most difficult and advanced First Nation Dance styles and incorporates up to twenty -two hoops. Alex Wells is a member of the Lil’wat Nation from Mount Currie B.C.


alex wells, hoop dancer

Through song and dance Alex Wells and members of his dance troupe express and depict the gracefulness, beauty and strong philosophy of the First People of North America. Three-time World Hoop Dance Champion Alex Wells is the third Canadian to hold the title and the second Canadian to win it consecutively.

Alex Wells first started dancing at a very young age with his family. Later on Alex traveled with “Red Thunder”, a Native Dance Theatre company. Currently he performs solo shows, as well as, choreographing large-scale productions. 

Alex has performed throughout North America in cities that include: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Denver and Seattle. Worldwide, he has traveled abroad to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany and Italy.

He has performed for numerous "Royalty" & Government Officials and was a featured entertainer at the World famous Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies. 

In addition to being a hoop dancer Alex is an accomplished Men’s Fancy Bustle Dancer, Native Flutist and Actor with appearances in videos for Tom Jackson and Crash Vegas plus a role in Jackie Chan’s feature film, Shanghai Noon.  

He is passionate about sharing his First Nations traditions with all others.

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