aché brasil

Originating from Pernambuco, Brazil, Aché Brasil has been dazzling audiences at festivals, concerts, television and over 1200 schools. Their exciting blend of music and dance includes the famous Brazilian Capoeira which combines sinuous dancing with martial arts creating an astonishing display of acrobatics & breathtaking kicks, the resplendent costumes and pulse of the Samba, the spectacular machete wielding Maculele plus the frenetic rhythms and dances of Frevo. All members of Ache Brasil are Brazilian, making them the only authentic music and dance company from Brazil living in BC.

Founded in 1990 by Mestre Eclilson de Jesus, Aché Brasil is a performance group that fuses music, dance, Capoeira (martial arts and acrobatics) into a dynamic, colourful, high energy performance.

Shows include Samba dancers wearing gorgeous costumes dancing to the frenetic rhythms of "Samba"... the most captivating and infectious rhythm of Brazil. Other authentic costumes include intriguing masks, grass skirts, primitive clothes. "Aché " means "all things positive" and Aché Brasil is positively entertaining!

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